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Architectural & Custom Flooring

At Bates Flooring, we understand that architectural flooring is different from standard, hardwood installations. The types of floors requested by the design community must be durable, beautiful, eco-friendly, and able to withstand the highest foot traffic there is.

An Array of Architectural Flooring Capabilities

Museums, contractors, builders – they all look to us to provide flooring that is strong, stunning, and customized so that they can focus on other elements. This means we’re always staying up-to-date on the latest styles and trends to ensure we can supply products and installations that are in high-demand.

Our company has been involved with large construction projects and the design community in the Tri-State area since the beginning. We keep the architectural community in the forefront of our minds and stock high-performance flooring materials that meet necessary types of technical specifications every day. Installation, repair, maintenance – our knowledge of the design and building industry is second-to-none, and we can assist you in any architectural project, from start to finish.

Custom & Architectural Flooring

Custom & Architectural Flooring

Focused on Satisfaction

Our company stays focused on meeting your objectives and exceeding your expectations when it comes to installing a reliable surface you can trust. That is why we offer one of the largest ranges of customized and architectural flooring in the industry. We want you to have choice and flexibility when choosing materials that meet your needs.

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