Frequently Asked Questions

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Can certain rugs harm my new wood floors?

Yes. It is always best to avoid solid foam-backed rugs. These types of rugs can retain both dirt and moisture and cause unnecessary damage to the floor. For the best results, look for waffle-pattern backed rugs.

Can I get an idea of cost for stairs over-the-phone?

Unfortunately, we can only give approximate costs over the phone. It is always best for us to provide you with an on-site consultation so we can get to know your unique needs, talk about your specific renovation or installation budget, and give you an accurate cost estimate according to your needs.

I just had my floors sanded. How long until I can walk on them, move my furniture back onto them, or put my area rugs back on them?

Feet, furniture, and rugs can go back onto sanded floors at varying times. With some coats, you can walk on it in as little as 3 hours. Generally, furniture can go back onto sanded floors within one day, and rugs should be placed back on a sanded floor in 1 week.

I’m having my floors stained, how and when do I choose my stain color?

You can choose a color of stain for your project in our expansive showroom, or we can provide a live example on your floor when we are scheduled to sand. Each floor shows the stain color differently, so it is best to do it live in your interior.

How do I acclimate the wood?

Any interior space that has hardwood floors must be dry and well-ventilated. For the best effect, your home or business should remain at 71 degrees for 1 week.

Can we leave a key with Bate’s to get access to our house while we are away?

Yes. Bates Flooring must have some pre-established access to your home or business BEFORE we start the project. After that initial agreement, we can keep a key or an access code for the duration of our stay.

How long does a typical refinishing job take?

A typical refinishing project can take approximately 1-4 days, depending on the type of stain and materials you are using. Stain with 2 coats of oil-based polyurethane will take the longest.

When should I have hardwood floors installed?

If you are building or renovating your home or business, it is important to install your hardwood floors AT THE END of the project. This can reduce damage from additional foot traffic and humidity.