Dustless Sanding & Refinishing

Doing the Job without the Dust

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What is Dustless Sanding & Refinishing?

Doing the Job without the Dust

When sanding or refinishing floors, without proper equipment, dust can get EVERYWHERE. Multiple grits of highly-abrasive sandpaper, old finish and flooring surfaces, large-scale material removal, interior disturbances – any of these elements can cause the dust to fly. This can create an unacceptable (and potentially unhealthy) mess.

But Bates Flooring has the solution!

Using a high-tech industrial vacuum, attached to the site from an additional vehicle, our company removes almost 99% of all the dust in any given area, using industrial-grade HEPA filters that capture particles down to 1 micron in size. This means there’s no mess and no dust – just a clean, nearly-sterile environment that is perfect for restoring your floor!

What Are The Benefits?

Our dustless sanding and refinishing techniques are as healthy for your floors and the environment as they are for your home. By continuously-removing all the dust from a residential work site, using our high-tech equipment, we:

  • Add Longevity To Your Newly-Stained Floor Surface
  • Keep Particles Out Of Your HVAC System
  • Leave Your Home Environment Healthier With Less Dust Particles
  • Achieve a 50% Faster Finish Time
  • Preemptively remove any mess; allowing you more time with your loved ones
  • And more…

Where other companies promise to clean up dust and debris after they’ve made a mess, Bates Flooring takes action BEFORE there is one. Our sophisticated flooring company adopted this technology long ago to ensure your home was as spotless as it could be all throughout the process, and to maintain the top echelon of customer satisfaction.

Ready to Refinish Your Floors?

For more information concerning our dustless sanding and refinishing, or to schedule your own personalized consultation with us, please call Bates Flooring at 973-332-5693 or fill out the form on this page.