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Bring Your Hardwood Floors Back to Life

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Bring Your Hardwood Floors Back to Life

Hardwood floors that have seen significant wear and tear don’t always need to be removed. This type of flooring can last nearly forever, with the right type of care, give you a surface that can take high-volume foot traffic, and never lose its luster.

To achieve this kind of perpetually-impressive interior, however, you have to refinish your hardwood. That’s a fact. And, while the end results can be exceptional, it is something that is best left to the professionals! Improper coating can miss the mark in terms of revitalization, and give you more problems than when you started.

Luckily, Bates Flooring has the modern tools, training, experience, and attention to detail to give your hardwood floors new life!

Sander on Wood Floor

A Broad Array of Options

Our company offers a broad variety of staining and refinishing options – all customized to your unique style. Water-based finishes, oil-based finishes, several grits of professional sandpaper to remove scratches and stains, we’ll take the time to discuss everything with you and give you durable, beautiful floor coatings that match your ideal and your budget. The technicians at Bates Flooring are experts at achieving the kind of look and feel you want, from casual and modern to elegant and historic!

Our flooring professionals also have the ability to match colors and finishes to cabinets, add borders, patterns, and other specialty accents, or simply make them shine like new for MUCH LESS than the cost of installing a brand-new floor! Dark, light, airy, vibrant, whatever type of color or style you’re going for, our company can make it happen. 

The Water Bead Test

How do you know if your floors need staining or refinishing? Generally, high-traffic areas will need refinishing more often (5 years or so), while moderately-trafficked areas can wait up to 10-15 before work needs to be done. But there is one surefire test you can conduct to really see what finishing needs to be done: the water bead test.

Simply pour a small amount of water onto the floor. If it beads and can be wiped away easily, your finish is holding strong and no work needs to be done immediately. However, if you see that the water gradually soaks into the floor and leaves a dark spot, it may be a sign that refinishing will soon be in your future. If the water disappears quickly, call Bates Flooring at 973-332-5693 to schedule service!


Amazing and professional service. Quality of work that lasts for years. Highly suggested!!

Jason H

Excellent craftsmanship, professionalism and customer service! Bates Floors refinished our 40-year-old worn, scratched, gouged and discolored floors and transformed them into new looking! Rich and his crew are a pleasure to work with and made the whole process easy. It is our pleasure to recommend Bates Floors and we will be certain to call on them for all our future projects.

Elise Mundrick

Best flooring company around.I was recommended through a friend and they didn’t disappoint. Their dustless floor refinishing system was amazing! I still can’t believe how clean my floor looks. They have competitive prices compared to what’s out there and use a lot pride and quality in their work. My only regret is I didn’t call sooner!

Michael Massoni

Great experience. Rich and his guys were easy to work with. Extremely professional, cleaned up after themselves, and finished on time. Would definitely recommend.

Matt O’Rourke

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For more information concerning Hardwood Staining & Refinishing for your home, or to schedule your own personalized consultation with us, please call Bates Flooring at 973-332-5693.