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Professional Sanding & Refinishing

The thing about impressions, in the world of business, is you only get one. Your shop, showroom, or commercial space is a reflection of how you run things. If your floors don’t look the part, chances are, it could hurt your bottom line!

Removing worn or faded hardwood floors, then installing new ones, can cost a fortune for your business. And, it’s not always necessary! There are other options when you need to revitalize and repair your commercial flooring that don’t cost you more than your budget allows.

There is always professional sanding and refinishing from Bates Flooring!

Our flooring technicians are true professionals who use the highest-quality materials and techniques to enhance the look and durability of your floors so that they shine like new and will impress your customers. Water-based finishes, oil-based finishes, varying grits of industrial-grade sandpaper – we’ll remove stains and scratches, seal your hardwood to make it more durable, and rejuvenate the look and feel of your floors according your specifications and renovation budget to ensure you come out on top!

Bates Flooring has nearly 20 years of experience working with varying businesses in the Tri-State area. We are eager to assist you throughout the entire process, and give you a floor you will be proud to showcase.

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How Do I Know My Floor Needs Refinishing?

Our company strives to create the best possible experience for you and your business. From start to finish, we take all of your important commercial needs into account, give you the affordable or exclusive hardwood choices you want, and work as efficiently as possible to do the job right while limiting our need to be onsite.

If you own a business, you’re probably getting high-volume foot traffic. Generally, floors that see more wear and tear need refinishing approximately every 5-7 years. Floors that see a normal amount of foot traffic will need to be refinished approximately every 10-15 years.

To see where your commercial floor falls, drop a small amount of water onto the wood. If it absorbs slowly, you have time before work needs to be done. However, if the water sinks in immediately, your floor’s seal protection is almost gone, and you will need to call for professional sanding and refinishing services from Bates Flooring!

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